Pole Dancing Tips

If you have been into pole dancing for months or years, try to remember the nervousness you felt on your first day. You can hear your heart pounding during that very first spin around the cold pole.

For first timers who are bracing themselves for the new experience in their lives, here are some tips to make you feel more confident. These will surely release that burning passion for dancing that has been locked inside your heart for a long time because of your reservations or lack of energy.

  •  Do a research before the class

Aside from researching on the pole dancing moves or tips to balance yourself, what you have to know first are the particular details of the dancing studio where you will take your classes. You have to know if you’re getting into a studio that will give you the lessons that are most suitable for you. It is also important to know the exact location of the studio. Is there a parking lot exclusive for its customers? If there is none, where is the nearest place where you can park? These are all essential because you do not want to be late on your first class, right? The starter session of most studios is very vital. This is where they give you the background and overview of what you’re getting into.

  • Bring your friend

No man is an island. This is especially true when you are trying out something new in your life. Some moves in pole dancing are awkward for first timers. It will feel a bit lonely if you do not have someone to laugh with while you fall or make the wrong moves on your initial sessions. When you bring a friend along with you to learn something as challenging as pole dancing, you can push each other up when the lessons get difficult. You can encourage each other to continue and get better.

  • Proper Attire

The best clothes to wear in any dancing class are the most comfortable ones. There will surely be warm-ups and other exercises so choose the clothes that will allow you to move with ease. Jogging pants and shorts are good options, but the shorts do not have to be extremely short. Jogging pants will keep you moving freely while shorts will give you a good grip on the pole. Some recommend wearing high heels to boost your confidence as you dance.

One very important reminder is that you must not wear any lotion or moisturizer when you go to pole dancing classes. These skin products will give you a hard time taking a grip on the pole.

  • Things to Bring

Due to the intense body movements in pole dancing classes, you have to change your sweaty clothes to new ones so bring an extra set. Also make sure you have a jug of water with you. Your jug must be pretty big or you can also bring several bottles of water. You will need proper hydration while taking pole dancing classes. You must also put a notebook and a pen in your bag so you can take down the important reminders and tips from your instructor.

  • Indulge yourself in Pole Dancing

If you have a passion for pole dancing, then plunge deeply into it by giving your very best. Do a research on the best moves in pole dancing and practice them. Join competitions if you are that passionate with this form of art.

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